Bovistride Rx


The Bovistride Rx is the only footbath system in the world that can ensure the last cow through a bath gets the same treatment as the first. On a typical dairy, the Bovistride Rx:





Every footbath ever made gets weak and shallow.  You know that already.  It’s probably why you’re here.

 Bovistride Rx is equipment that starts your footbath on demand or automatically, then keeps it effective all day no matter how many cows you milk.  We guarantee it!  We set out to solve the “last cow” problem and that is what we do.  We don’t sell chemicals.  But we do make chemicals work the way you want them to right down to the last cow of the day.

Hoof health is key to your dairy’s business success and your footbath HAS to work, especially on the last cows in every group. Unless you’re doing something very expensive your footbath has stopped working long before the last cows in the group go through.

See the videos below for information about what our system does and how it works.


Cows do two things that destroy a bath:  they dilute it with urine and manure, and they remove liquid from the bath as they leave.  The result is a bath that becomes too weak and too shallow.  If your chemical is pH dependent this can degrade the bath faster.

Bovistride Rx starts a bath out at the target strength of your chemical.  Then it replenishes liquid removed by cows with a clean, fresh chemical solution.  The strength of the replacement solution is based on the amount of soil added by the cow, the amount of solution removed by the cow, and the potential for deactivation of the particular chemical you use.  Replacement chemical is typically about 63% stronger than the starting bath.

The result is a bath that stays exactly the same depth and strength all day.


The old way of managing a bath is batching – you make a bath for a batch of cows, then clean it out and make another bath for the next batch.

Batching was fine when a big dairy herd was 200 cows. Only 100 cows went through each bath.

But now on big dairies thousands of cows go through a bath.  Everyone is still batching but it doesn’t work or it is insanely expensive.  BRx is the first non-batching approach.  We are the world’s leading experts on footbath chemical and physical dynamics having spent the past decade gathering and analyzing data.  The BRx system has an onboard electronic brain that applies the data based on the science developed by us.

Technical information is available in other parts of this website for the scientifically inclined.


Chemical savings are important but not the most important reason for using Bovistride Rx.  The big benefit is healthier feet.  The beauty of the BRx approach is that all cows in the herd get the same treatment.  There is currently no other system in the world that can do this and to our knowledge no-one is trying to develop one.

We invite dealer inquiries and dairy inquiries as well as inquiries from footbath chemical manufacturers.

For chemical manufacturers

If you make a chemical for footbaths and have not figured out why it works on some dairies but not on others talk to us.  This problem plagues every footbath chemical and we can almost certainly help.  Go to the contact page and send us your contact information.


Because batching is wasteful and impossible to get right
Waste: a batch bath must be filled much too deep in order to last through a group. This results in sloshing out by the first cows and is an enormous waste of chemical.  You waste even more chemical by starting the bath off too strong in the hopes that it will stay working long enough. And finally there is more waste when you clean the bath out to make a fresh bath.  You repeat all this waste every time you make a fresh bath.

Impossible: the first cows have the healthiest feet.  They lead the group into the holding area, they enter the parlor first, and they go through the bath first.  The cows that most need a good footbath are last and they get a footbath that is not working.  It has been largely emptied out by the cows and replaced with urine and manure.  Many batch systems are run so badly that they may actually be causing the problem.  The infected hooves walk through a bath of infected material!  And no matter what you do, batching is impossible to get right.  You can try all kind of juggling acts with group order and when you start the bath but the problem remains – it either doesn’t work or it is insanely expensive.

Consistent Treatment
By using our unique system of delivering chemicals to a footbath all cows get the same treatment. The system automatically fills a reservoir tank with a well designed mix of water and chemical and then delivers this to the footbath at exactly the correct delivery rate.

Lower Rate of Lameness
A Bovistride Rx footbath reduces lameness.  Go to the contact page and send us your contact info or just call and speak to Rod Murphy directly at (443) 838-2494.