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Dairy CHH produces, sells, distributes and services vital health products for the dairy industry worldwide.

BOVISTRIDE RXTM is a footbath system that is good to the last cow.

And it is efficient.  You can stop overfilling the bath, hoping it stays deep enough, eliminating the chemical wasted from cows sloshing it out of the bath.

It maintains the bath depth and chemical strength to ensure every cow- not just the first – gets a fully active treatment.

The more cows you milk the bigger the reduction in chemical use.


Mayo MatsTM promote cow health and comfort by providing a cow bed with the four key features you need in a cow bed: soft for hocks, shock absorbant for knees, non-abrasive for hocks and knees, non-absorbent for hygiene.

Mayo Mats are sold in almost every part of the world where there are cows.  They are inexpensive and are guaranteed to get the job done well.

WashWatchTM unique system alerts you right away if a wash fails in any of a number of key ways: chemical pump failure, low temperature, milkline temperature, low chemical level.

Leverage the power of technology to protect milk quality, reduce costs and manage chemical inventory.

Comfort, Hygiene and Health Products for the Dairy Industry

At Dairy CHH, our goal is to bring high quality care and management products to dairies worldwide.  Whether you’re using the Mayo MatTM, the leading stall bed for cows worldwide, the Bovistride RxTM, the most effective and efficient footbath system for large dairies, or Wash WatchTM, the best in wash monitoring technology, each product will guard your profitability.