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wash-watch-largeWash Monitoring System

Use Your Cell Phone as a Wash Sentinel!

The unique  WashWatchTM system lets you use your smartphone or computer tablet to monitor your dairy’s wash system.

Our innovative wash monitoring system will continually measure chemical levels and chemical temperature during a wash cycle so the lines are being effectively cleaned. Between washes, it will measure the line to make sure milk temperature stays within an acceptable range- ensuring you never have to dump warm milk again.

On a dairy, things go wrong. Plate coolers inexplicably stop working. A wash starts without enough chemical to clean the line. A chem pump breaks. While rare, problems like these can be costly, so catching them right away is paramount. The Wash Watch does just that. When something happens, our system immediately sends you a text message notifying you so that you can take action early- before it costs!


Access Information Instantly 

  • Check wash remotely from anywhere
  • Check milkline temperature remotely
  • Check chemical remaining in totes, drums, etc


Maintain Your Competitive Edge

  • Protect milk quality
  • Provide more timely service
  • Reduce cost of service
  • Just-in-time inventory management