3 Step WashWatch Installation

Step 1: Finding A Good Location

  • Attach the antenna and plug in the power
  • Find the phone number printed along the side of the system opposite to the coaxial ports shown on the picture above
  • Wait 3 minutes, then text “Signal?” to the system
  • If the system responds with a value less than 3 or fails to respond, you will need to find a spot with a stronger signal.

Step 2: Preparing Sensor Probes

  1. Remove chemical probes GENTLY from shipping tubes.
  2. If the attached 20′ cable is too short, remove it and discard. Use a single length of cable from sensor to controller making sure it is long enough to allow lifting probe out of drum without straining the cable.
  3. Read the “Color-Coded System” and slide the correct color-coded boot onto the cable.
  4. Now crimp on a new connector paying special attention to the “CAT5 Color Scheme” to the right.
  5. Use a matching colored cap for the sensor. The probe is now ready to plug into the appropriate port on the WashWatch system. Do not glue the cap in place.


The correct sequence of wire colors from left to right when viewed through the metal side of the connector. Use the same on both ends of any cable. Incorrect color sequence will destroy the sensors.

3. Attaching the Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor must be insulated or in a temperature well.

    • Pipe must not be chilled when sensor is installed (to prevent condensation from wetting the sensor and preventing adhesion)
    • Location: must be positioned as close as possible to the exit point of the plate cooler
    • If not in a well, must be wrapped in a closed-cell foam pipe insulation material at least 6″ long and installed so the insulation material extends at least 2″ on either side of the metal tip of the sensor
    • Foam insulation must be wrapped and sealed in a waterproof self-adhesive wrap. It is important to make sure the insulating foam stays dry or it will become a heat retainer and will prevent the sensor from responding accurately

Color Coded System

A well installed WashWatch follows a strict system of color coding and ordering. The artificial intelligence system follows the order to identify what is happening and to make decisions and WILL NOT FUNCTION if cables are not connected in the correct order. The installer is responsible for ensuring that the correctly colored cap and cable boot are attached.

 First chemical drawn in wash, green sensor cap, green cable boot, usually detergent

 Second chemical drawn in wash, yellow sensor cap, yellow cable boot, usually acid

 Third chemical drawn in wash or can be used for a non-wash chemical. Purple cap and boot

 Usually used for monitoring pre-dip usage. Orange sensor cap and orange cable boot.

 Usually used for monitoring post-dip usage. Blue sensor cap and blue cable boot.

 Used exclusively for pipeline/wash temperature monitoring. Red cable boot.