Making Bovistride Work for Your Dairy

The Bovistride Rx system maintains the potency of the bath no matter how many cows pass through. It does this by always replacing the net amount* of liquid removed by the cow with a new, clean chemical solution. You do not clean out and replace the bath until the next milking.

The system uses chemicals so intelligently and efficiently that your total chemical usage drops by at least 40% (formaldehyde) and in some cases by up to 85% (straight copper sulfate).

Even after 3,000 cows have passed through a bath, the chemicals inside still work at maximum efficiency.

mayo-mats-chartWhat About the Manure Loading?

Cows remove liquid from the bath as they pass through by splashing. Anything else in the liquid is also removed. This includes chemicals, manure, and urine depending upon how laden the liquid is with them.

Bovistride Rx replaces only the needed clean water and chemical mixture at the perfect proportion so loading reaches a certain level but never gets any worse.

  • A better bath
  • Less chemicals
  • Reduced human error