More Than Just A Cow Mat

While the Mayo Mat was designed with cows and horses in mind, the three main qualities of the Mayo Mat (Non-Slip, Non-Absorbent, and Non-Abrasive) make it an ideal bedding for other animals.  The durability, low degree of maintenance, and reliability make the Mayo Mat an ideal choice for many animals.


horse-matWhile a horse may only spend a few hours every day lying down, the rest is spent on its feet. For many, that is going to mean spending a huge amount of time in a stall whose floor is usually smoothed concrete with some loose bedding. That simply isn’t enough. Many people look to rubber mats as a cost effective way of alleviating some of the pressure from their horses’ feet, but the truth is that rubber is hard. Investing in a horse mat means ten full years of easy sleeping, comfortable standing, and loose joints for your animals.

Besides a huge boost to the animal’s comfort, these horse stall mats are non-absorbent. This means no liquids will get in them so they will never become breeding grounds for bacteria. They are also non-slippery; no animal has ever slipped on a Mayo Mat. Besides being soft and comfortable, they are also non-abrasive. When your horse does lie down, there will be no uncomfortable scraping or pulling at its hairs along pressure points.

These factors all combine to bring you and your horse the absolute best in comfort and safety for horse stall mats. Having an expected life-span of an entire decade or more, these affordable, easy-to-install horse beds will keep you and your animals happy for years!


tiger-matWhile Mayo Mats were originally designed for use with cows and horses, their unique design has made them an ideal bedding choice for more exotic animals. In the past decade, Mayo Mats have been put to use at various zoos throughout North America and have found their way under tortoises, giraffes, tigers, and other animals.

To zoos, the Mayo Mat is an appealing solution to animal beds for many of the same reasons that it works on dairy farms and horse ranches. It is non-absorbent, which will prevent bacteria from growing in an animal’s bed. It is non-slippery, so that an animal will not be in danger of falling and injuring itself. These mats are also non-abrasive, which means, unlike rubber or other rough surfaces, it won’t pull and scrape at the animal’s skin and hair.

For many zoos, however, the Mayo Mat presents one more incredible advantage over other animal mats: it is extremely light-weight. At only 32 lbs, a Mayo Mat is easy to lift and easy to clean. Plus, since these mats are completely non-absorbent, there is no worry that the weight will increase once liquids are added.

Zoos that are already using Mayo Mats often do not choose to permanently install them. In many cases, the mats are simply laid down over the concrete inside of an animal’s enclosure. This makes the mats easier to clean and gives the animals freedom to move the bed around.

Due to the mat’s weight, most medium-sized animals will be able to move them without too much difficulty, and since they are not flexible, there is no concern about the mats being crumpled-up and becoming unusable.