No More Paper. No More Ink.

The Bovistride Chart Recorder is a new way to keep track of and manage milk temperature in the tank or line. It is not only more accurate and reliable than its traditional and mechanical predecessors, but it using the Bovistride CR means never having to switch the paper or replace the ink in your system again. Data recorded on our system is easily visible on a touch screen interface mounted on a wall near your tank, and users can easily swipe through a history covering 90 days of information. Data going further back is securely stored on an SD card in the system for retrieval at any time, and can be easily uploaded onto a computer and shared when necessary. It also means savingĀ  on potential recalibration costs associated with mechanical recorders.

The Bovistride CR can be connected to a Wash Watch system to monitor temperature, send alerts, and share data easily online or with your phone. Reach out to us to find out more!