The Ultimate Footbath System for Dairies

Hoofbath Tender is a cost effective, highly efficient bath for large dairies, reducing lameness, chemical waste and human error.  The Hoofbath Tender system maintains the potency of the bath no matter how many cows pass through.

It achieves this by always replacing the net amount of liquid removed by each cow with  new, clean chemical solution.  Even after 3,000 cows pass through, Hoofbath Tender is still at full strength.



The Hoofbath Tender System maintains the potency of the bath no matter how many cows pass through.

The system constantly replaces the net amount of liquid removed by the cow with new, clean chemical solution. You do not clean out and replace the bath until the next milking.

It does its job with no electronics and no moving parts and cannot make a mistake.  It always adds the right amount of chemical and water, adjusts its delivery rate to suit the activity of the cows, and the bath chemistry is always strong.


The old way of managing a cow bath- called batching- is either highly labor and chemical intensive or it does not work well.

Batching was originally developed when herds were too small to destroy footbath chemistry.  If you milked 200 cows each bath only got 100 cow passes before the bath was emptied and put away for the day.  That was fine.

But when 1,000 cows pass through a bath the manager makes a decision as to how often to empty the bath and replace the bath chemicals.  It’s a tough decision as too often means waste and too seldom means poor results.


Using specially designed chemical formulas, Hoofbath Tender can reduce your copper usage by up to 80% and formaldehyde use by as much as 40%.

Chemical savings is the least important reason for using Hoofbath Tender.  The big benefit is healthier feet.


Because batching is wasteful and impossible to get right
A batch bath must be filled 50% too deep in order to last through a group. This results in sloshing out and an enormous waste of chemical.  In addition, the cows that lead every batch are the healthiest cows with the healthiest feet.  They lead the group into the holding area, they enter the parlor first, and they go through the bath first.  The cows that most need a good footbath are last and they get a footbath that is not working.  It has been largely emptied out by the cows and replaced with urine and manure.  Many batch systems are run so badly that they actually make the hoofhealth worse because of this leader and trailer cow order.  You make the infected hoof walk through a bath of infected material!

Consistent Treatment
Using our unique system of delivering chemicals to a footbath  all cows get the same treatment. The system automatically fills a reservoir tank with a well designed mix of water and chemical and then delivers this to the footbath at exactly the correct delivery rate.

Lower Rate of Lameness
A HBT-run bath reduces the lameness rate.  If you have a lameness rate that is unacceptable or if you have a footbath cost that is too high, call us.  We have a solution for you.